Customs of Japan and South Korea

Interesting facts about North Korea - Tapomania
One of the most known facts about the deceased former leader of North Korea. Kim was reportedly so afraid of flying that the only way he preferred to travel around…

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Shout on Korean wedding Bitterly: RIA Vostok-Media
Here, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea was a festive event, which featured the traditional…

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Abstract of Japan: ancient traditions and contemporary lifestyle

Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle

Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle

Report on modern history

Bodnia Oleg.

Class 11 and the 540-th school.

Everyone understands that capitalist countries conquered colony ,

enslaved countries not. to give something to their peoples and for

to take from them as possible. These are the objectives pursued and then,

when the ships commander Perd in 1854 forced Japan to open its

ports for trade with foreigners.

The Americans, British, Germans, French, Vietnamese and blacks

(mainly the southern coast of Nigeria) wanted to flood the Japanese

the island with all sorts of goods, increase the profits, to enslave, to force

to work on yet another nation. However, in the face of those who ruled at the time

the Yamato race, the States of Europe and America met a skilled ninja

system of philosophy which was built on the art of struggle the weak with the strong

and to achieve victory in this fight. Capitalists met here

decent, similar to anthropoid. those who have long

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V. A. Balkanski Tea – a delicate matter

In Japan, it is assimilated to the deity, in China included on the list eight items that must have every Chinese. Tea – it is not only a drink, it is part of the national culture. About Lipetsk well-known writer and popularizer of tea Balkanski Valentin told in his new book about the Eastern tea “Tea – a delicate matter” . After reading it, the reader learns a lot about tea traditions, and about the people for whom tea is not just a beverage to quench thirst, and the East fork of hospitality and attitude.

“Working on the book, I not only became acquainted with Oriental tea, but also like a new saw and what they live with these people. And credit to those true patriots of their native land, who, taking an opportunity, became a kind of guides and showed all the best and interesting that I want to show the dear guests”, – with sincere respect for the author notes.

Valentin Balkanski convinced that “tea is a drink that brings people together regardless of nationality and religion” . so the output of this book is now very relevant. In its creation took part the people living in different countries and speak different languages, which are United by a love of tea.

The book tells about the tradition of tea drinking in different parts of the world: Russia, Continue reading

The Population of Japan. Japan, population, population density, employment, composition, standard of living, vosproizvodstvo, growth, dynamics, growth, challenges, much, indicators. Japan people

the population of Japan is far ahead of developed countries such as Germany, France, UK, Italy. In 2004 in Japan, there were 127.1 million people is the 7th in the world for population after China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil and Russia.

More recently, the demographic situation in Japan was characterized by extremely high natural growth. But since the late 70-ies as a result of the demographic policy, which was aimed at reducing the birth rate, natural growth rates decreased sharply (4 persons per 1000 inhabitants). And also decreased mortality rates as a result of raising living standards, improving medical services. Infant mortality in Japan is 0.04‰.

The life expectancy in Japan the highest in the world: men – 77 years women – 83 years.

In connection with the increasing life expectancy of people in recent decades an increasing part of people in older age groups. People aged over 65 years account for 17% of the total population. The decline in natural increase resulted in a decrease in the number of population of young age groups. Sex structure of the population of Japan is characterized by a predominance of women (around 52%). They make up a significant part of total employment in manufacturing (about 40%). This is much greater than in other highly developed countries.

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North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun”. Exhibition of art from North Korea to CHA: chernov_vlad

In the Central House of Artist on November 8 starts exhibition of contemporary art of North Korea ’s North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun”. The exhibition will be presented works of artists of the Creative Association “Mansudae” and the Institute of embroidery (Pyongyang, DPRK). Visitors to the exhibition can see more than 200 unique works (paintings, drawings, prints, porcelain, crafts, embroidery on silk, as well as casebooks (Korean painting of natural colored stones). This exhibition is a unique Union of traditional «Korean painting” and what a socialist North Korea.

Creative Association “Mansudae” founded in 1959 and today is the largest art Association, which represents industries such as painting (oil and Korean painting), fresco, graphics, sculpture and applied art (embroidery, Continue reading

Pumpkin in the kitchen

Different pumpkin varieties differ from each other not only in appearance but also in taste, and even structure. Let’s see what the pumpkin are suitable for jam and cream soups, for baking or sautéing, and how best to cook something sharp – for example, pickles or chutney. How about a delicious pumpkin spaghetti?

Select a pumpkin properly

Regardless of the type of pumpkin, you should choose a healthy fruit, regular shape, with firm skin. The skin of the fruit should be undamaged, clean, free of stains, scratches and mold. Ripe pumpkin, differ a dull thud when you tap them by hand.

How to choose a pumpkin for various dishes?

Pumpkin normal is the most common type, it is often present on our tables and gardens.

shape – round or oblong,

color – from green to bright yellow and orange,

the flesh is yellow or orange, not too sweet, flavorful.

Make delicious marinades and pickles and English chutney, and vegetable sauces, served with meat and sausages. Marinades can make spicy or sweet, adding sugar and spices. In jars of pickled pumpkin, also can throw the taste of the Apple slices, you can add ginger and a large number of fragrant spices – cloves, allspice, Bay leaf, pepper, etc.

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Never look the scary Japanese movies! Culture
Some people just love horror movies, and sometimes living without them can. It's a kind of adrenaline that a person receives in a passive state. Only it is not always…


Treatment in Korea Medical center of Hanyang Seoul
Medical center of Hanyang Seoul (Hanyang University International Hospital) is the largest medical and research center not only in Korea but in Asia overall since 1972. University of Hanyang international…

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