Abstract of Japan: ancient traditions and contemporary lifestyle
Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle Report on modern history Bodnia Oleg. Class 11 and the 540-th school. Everyone understands that capitalist countries conquered…

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Traditions of South Korea
In Korea it is customary respect for elders. Accordingly, to appeal to all the people you encounter in certain situations, it is necessary, depending on their social status, using a…

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Modern art Exhibition North Korea

Exhibition of contemporary art of North Korea

On the initiative of the Deputy of the State Duma Alexander Chetverikova from 8 to 25 November in the Central House of Artist (Moscow) is held the exhibition of contemporary art of North Korea “North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun”.

North Korea lifts the veil. For the first time in 20 years a unique, vibrant, unique exhibition of art of North Korea “North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun”! The exhibition presents the work of artists of the Creative Association “Mansudae” and the Institute of embroidery (Pyongyang, DPRK). More than 200 unique works: painting, drawing, engraving, porcelain, crafts, embroidery on silk, as well as casebooks (Korean painting of natural colored stones). Original traditional Union of “Korean painting” and what socialist North Korea.

Exhibition of contemporary art of North Korea is held with the support of the Embassy of North Korea in Moscow and the Deputy of the State Duma, the party leader just RUSSIA in the Kursk region Alexander Chetverikova .

“Today the exhibition of such level in Moscow, on Russian soil, is not only a unique cultural event, but an important political step for North Korea. The country still largely remains a closed, country-hermit. But North Korea wakes up and “spring sun” plays warm and tender colors, opening towards a new day,” said Alexander Chetverikov.

Creative Association “Mansudae”, founded in 1959 (48th year of Juche), is the largest art Association, which represents industries such as painting (oil and Korean painting, fresco, drawing), sculpture and applied art (embroidery, porcelain, dolls). “Mansude” made a great contribution to the development of the fine arts of North Korea. Art associations are the embodiment of state ideology.

Artists of the Creative Association “Mansudae” are the authors of the most important artistic and architectural monuments of the DPRK, which have historical significance, including: the interior of the Pyongyang metro, Monument to Juche idea, the Triumphal arch in Pyongyang, a monument to commemorate the founding of the workers ‘ party of Korea and monument to the Three charters of national reunification. In different countries of the world “Mansude” erected monuments and monumental buildings, to allow people of different cultures to learn about the superiority of the fine art of the DPRK.

The art of the DPRK is obliged to be “national in form and socialist in content”. Authors Association, rightly, be called “soldiers of the cultural front”, daily laboring for the glory of the Korean people, they are the workers who create the history of modern North Korea.

Exhibition of contemporary art of North Korea “North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun” takes place from 8 to 25 November 2012 in the Central House of artists (Moscow), hall DNA. Visiting from 11.00 to 20.00 (Monday closed).


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