8 amazing facts of Korean culture

Korea – a beautiful Asian country with one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Korean language is not less interesting, existing in two forms – oral and written. But not only it is amazing in Korea and its inhabitants, than we’ll talk further.

Culture and tradition public relations

As already mentioned, Korea is an exceptionally safe country. The main reason for this is impeccable adherence to a strict moral and ethical principles, formed hundreds of years ago. So, a carjacking or the murder becomes a sensation and attracted public attention for several weeks. You are also unlikely to meet on the streets of Hama or snapper.

But for Europeans is a complex system of social relationships can be challenging. The Koreans when meeting primarily interested in age. And if you are even a year older than his Asian companion, then the latter shall speak to you exclusively respectfully, trying to be of service. By the way, if you are fluent in Korean language and want to surprise his interlocutor – a demonstration of your knowledge.

Generally Koreans rarely call each other by name, and pronouns like “you” or “you” and does not run. The reason for this is the existence as much as 6-degrees-of address to the interlocutor from respectful to dismissive manner. The degree depends on the difference in the age of the interlocutors, their social status, relationship degree and nature of personal relationships.

A bit of personal

It is also noteworthy that all Koreans are born already one year old children. No, they don’t begin to walk in the womb, just utero (9 months) in Korea rounded to the year. And a year older than all the inhabitants of Korea are not on your birthday, and 1 January.

More interestingly, namesake among Koreans is an extreme rarity. Their names are composed of two words-characters (and the true value of such a name, knows only the media and people close to him), so identical versions find quite difficult. But the Koreans around the world, and this is 80 million people, it is possible to count only 300 surnames.

If you talk about your personal life, 99% of Korean youth are turning your romantic relationship into a real romance, the story is, of course, peeped on TV. In General Korean TV consists of TV shows, Comedy shows, shows about beauty, cooking shows and advertising. This TV series (drama) raised to the rank of cult, and to understand what product they are promoting advertising, a foreigner is almost impossible. By the way, Korean men in the TV series crying, Asians do not consider it shameful.

Korean wave

The tradition of Hallyu, the so-called Korean wave, are the modern cultural heritage of South Korea and include the original of existence in the entertainment industry (music, video games, TV series), as well as a sharp rise in the popularity of Korean cuisine, language and dress codes.

Thanks to some Hallyu Korean actors became the most highly paid after Hollywood stars, and the rapidly growing popularity of K-pop (Korean pop music) and TV shows distributed via the Internet, has increased the interest in Korea among tourists.