East Asia
In the far East, also called East Asia, in the framework of foreign Asia includes northeast China, the Japanese Islands, the Korean Peninsula and Eastern China. All these natural of…

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The Flag of the Republic of Korea flag of the Republic of Korea
The history of South Korea describes the development of the southern part of the Korean Peninsula since 1945 until today. The history of South Korea begins with the Soviet-American agreements…

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Georgian wedding traditions

The real Georgian wedding is a beautiful, entertaining and rich holiday with observance of all original customs of Georgian people. The first rule of Georgian wedding is abundance of invited guests. Sometimes their number reaches several hundreds. By the way, refuse to come to the wedding – it is impossible. Since this is a big insult for the inviting party, and sometimes that starts with it long-term enmity of two families.

Family creation in Georgia consists of three stages: machangara — a proposal, “nishnoba” — the betrothal and “kortsili” – wedding. Although today parents frequently do not participate in the selection of the bride or groom for their children, as it was relatively recently, the role of the family in marriage remains very high. The marriage must be approved by relatives. To this step both families fit very responsibly. And try to find out more about potential relatives. And only then they give consent to marriage proposal. Well, when all formalities are observed behind; it is time for the ceremony of betrothal.

The beautiful custom the groom, with the bride’s entering their future house, climbs to the roof and unleashes a white bird. Then the newlyweds are offered a wedding glass of wine. The first from the groom takes a SIP, then puts in a wedding ring conveys the glass to the bride, who also takes a SIP from the glass, and then pulls out a ring and formally presents it to his beloved, uttering words of loyalty and love.

Then begins the solemn “inspection” bride house groom, where she will become the mistress. Accompanied by witnesses and guests the groom and the bride break a beautiful plate for luck before entering the house. The house was wealthy, and the family rejoiced in the offspring, in the corners of the house throwing grains and give young wooden ornaments – “chiragdani”, symbolizing “the tree of life”. During the tour of the house, the bride has to touch the boiler, which is a symbol of home, and three times around the pot with oil or wheat.

On the Georgian wedding is not customary to shout “bitter”. But without it they are very fun and noisy. Toastmaster will not miss any of the guests and is sure to lift everyone to say their toast. The first toast – the groom and the bride to their house there was peace, tranquility and prosperity, was of children’s voices.

The most romantic and beautiful wedding (and Caucasian in General) the ritual is the abduction of the bride. Although the abduction is formal and occurs with the consent of the bride and her parents. Often this is done to avoid the expenses connected with the organization of a lush and rich Georgian wedding. Not every family can afford a traditional national customs of our ancestors, the wedding. The abduction of the bride, you can arrange a modest feast only for close relatives. After that, the marriage is concluded. And the wedding, by the way, you can play in a few years, when it will be possible.

The main expenses for the wedding are borne by the groom’s family. Financial situation the bride has no special value. Her main assets are modesty, chastity, piety, thrift, good temper. The girl in Georgia are brought up in traditions of chastity. Male – breadwinner in a Georgian family, its supporter and physical protector; a woman’s spiritual power, the Keeper and teacher of ethical traditions.