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Korean wedding. Korean bride and groom in traditional wedding attire. Two thousand years later there is a wedding custom according to which newlyweds in Korea dressed in hanbok, traditional Korean…

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Offer a small tour around Seoul and the surrounding area Start with accommodation. Koreans like to sleep on the floor, so even in the most expensive and prestigious hotels is…

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Strange features of Japanese culture

For the Europeans the culture of Japan it seems strange and sometimes totally incomprehensible. Despite the rapid development of technologies, culture of the Japanese is one of the most closed, conservative and incomprehensible for foreigners.

A hikikomori

The hikikomori are young people who do not want to communicate with others. In every culture there are a small number of people, who are called “hermits”, but usually it is an older or elderly, many of whom suffer from mental disorders, depression or agoraphobia.

Feature of hikikomori – age. It’s either teenagers or young people early twenties, which is almost completely cut off from the outside world. There are several objective reasons for the emergence of a huge number of hikikomori: the first is web, second is a huge load in educational institutions, which few can withstand, and, finally, loving parents who are willing to support their offspring until old age, if only they flew out of the nest.

Usually the term hikikomori called the young people who had been in my room without work and communication more than six months.


Despite all the legends of the Yakuza, the crime rate in Japan one of the lowest worldwide. All weapons must be registered with the police.

But, if you put in jail, the chance to come out extremely small. 99 percent of the courts over the allegations. Japan still has the death penalty through hanging. A year executed by 2-3 people, with about the upcoming execution of convicted reported just a few hours. The family learns about it after the sentence is carried out.

Attitude to work

Japanese is one of the most hardworking Nations in the world. However, the image of the businessman-alcoholic is also not very far from the truth. The Japanese really drink a lot.

Thus, despite the alcoholic evening meetings, morning Japanese time to get to work. In addition, in Japanese culture it is considered perfectly normal to take a NAP in the workplace, it is even encouraged. If a person fell asleep in the workplace, so he worked very hard before and is very dedicated.


The phenomenon Kodokushi (a lonely death) is the silhouette of the body of a deceased person. It is formed when the body for a long time remains undetected.

Workers who are engaged in the transportation of furniture, say they often encounter such “kodokushi”. According to the estimates of the private companies, about 300 of the 1,500 cases they stumble upon these sad symbols of human loneliness.

Traditional Japanese family, when under the same roof get along several generations, is outdated, and now the elderly more often live alone.

This also happens with temporary workers, or contract employees – many men and women in this category of the workforce never marry and not marry. They die alone, and no one knows of their death.


While the whole world spends a lot of money to make myself beautiful straight teeth, Japanese young people are keen on just the opposite. A new trend that is popular in adolescents, is called “yaeba” (“double tooth”). This attachment, which creates the impression of protruding from the mouth of Fang. Which, incidentally, is an expensive pleasure.