Creating a nuclear-free world with Iran and North Korea
Washington introduced the UN resolution on ending the production of nuclear weapons and their proliferation on a global scale. The document will be discussed on September 24 at a meeting…

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Sexual traditions of the peoples of the world - Funny pictures, photos of girls free video, photo fun, humor
Sexual and gender vzaimootnoshenia and customs of different peoples is very different.Even in Europe,in the era of freedom and globalism,sexual differences are very great: first lose their virginity in Iceland…

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Never look the scary Japanese movies! Culture

Some people just love horror movies, and sometimes living without them can. It’s a kind of adrenaline that a person receives in a passive state. Only it is not always beneficial.

American psychologist David Rudd argues that the horror films you need to watch definitely. Especially if you have any fears or phobias. It turns out that David was treating his patients with the help of horror movies. And that he did it well. People were no longer afraid of the forest, of the dark, dogs, etc. moreover, he recommends a daily watch at least 1 film this.

However, there are some contradictions with Japanese movies. As it turned out, they are not useful. On the contrary, they are encouraged to do evil and kill. The film “the puppet master”, directed Jung-Yong-Ki, a fairly strong effect on the psyche of children. It is highly recommended not to experiment and often do not watch scary Japanese movies. They act on the brain of the child so that later children become zombified. This can be understood by the following symptoms: irritation, frequent depression, conflicts, reduced performance. Also the child will become insecure and will begin to fear even their peers.

Banned Japanese movies

In Japanese horror the events take place slowly. With the appearance of blood, can sometimes vomiting. The fact is that in the film when a criminal kills his victim, he does not just stab or cut down with something heavy, and invent murder, which pulls snatch. For example, the victim can cut off all of her sexual organs, or sometimes the culprit peels off the skin. And all it sees people.

It is worth noting that almost 0,1% of Japanese horror films banned. As explained by specialists, it is a “25 fps”, which adversely affects man. Moreover, Japanese films can bring even to a psychiatric hospital. Japanese horror has rather strong and negative energy. She not only felt, but also goes on the person.

Today, Japanese horror movies have gained immense popularity. Statistics show that the coverage of audience is teenagers 13 to 16 years. At this age children begin to have character. But if the children are going to watch Japanese horror movies, then it is possible the entry into any subculture. Some children even fall in sects.

Don’t watch this!

In America children are allowed to watch horror movies, but with a bit of humor(for Example, “the Scream”). The Japanese horror movies they should not be watched, because there are moments that on a subconscious level you begin to control the man. So, after a few views is not surprising, as the child began to change in character. His actions, words, mood swings are not just scary, but makes you wonder why this is happening.

So if there was some foreboding or fear that the child is changing, be sure to pay attention to his choice of films. It is highly recommended to give the child more time and explain what is good and what is bad. Otherwise, the child will be ruined and then it will be difficult to bring up.

So, you should not watch the most scary Japanese movies, especially at night. If you want to tickle your nerves, it is advisable to opt for horror movies by Stephen king.