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Interesting idea for a family photo shoot

photo Shoot “family tradition”

Introducing family photo shoot “family tradition” from the photographer Evgeniya Pavlova from the city of Moscow.

Eugene — family and children’s photographer, photography for more than five years, at first it was travel photography, shooting for friends, but gradually became a favorite thing profession. Now Eugene — a successful commercial photographer, she also conducts individual education and training for beginners.

Eugene comments on his shooting:

Live emotions

M not like the lively and natural style of shooting ; and the best shots are taken when people act anigrand. My goal is to show the character of the family and their relationships through pictures and sharing your time with, a General class will unite and rally of heroes on the shooting time.

The atmosphere is family

Before the photo session, we often come up with characters shooting what we want to show in the result, and if it is important for them to convey the atmosphere of the family, that joint leisure is the best option . Examples of such activities can be family reading . cooking a meal, studying old family photos, walk, etc.

I was invited to shoot a big family – wife Irina and Sergey, and their three children, the grandmother and the sister of Irina and Nastya. Select multiple shooting directions . one of which is a family tradition all the staff to sculpt dumplings.

The shooting location

It was decided to hold a photo shoot at home – the theme dictated the presence of all the necessary ingredients for making dumplings, except that at home, children feel more comfortable.

Main location – dining area in the dining room . Prepare ingredients for ravioli lay down on the grandmother. Before you start shooting, it is very important to check the shooting place for unnecessary things and in the process of shooting to make sure that in the frame parts superfluous.

Unified style in clothing

Shooting for “Family traditions” we chose neutral clothes – jeans and white t-shirts. Painted wall in the dining room, so colorful and lurid details in there would look overloaded . Irina offered to all wear aprons in a single color – it will complement the characters.

Accessories photo shoot

We didn’t use any special accessories, the cooking process used for these purposes, ordinary items – rolling pins, boards, aprons, dish with meat and dough, flour – you see that everywhere — on the faces of the kids, and on the hands, on the table.

The difficulty when shooting

The main difficulty is lack of space . since shooting takes place at home, and need points not always have the opportunity to turn around. In some cases I was shooting from the balcony . from the chair, i.e. the potential of the space to the maximum . For General and average plan used lenses with short focal lengths, 35 1.4 mostly, portraits for the most part removed on the 85 1.2.

Posing families

I invited the heroes to sit a certain way . so while shooting with each point to cover all the characters as. In the process someone had moved, changed places, sometimes I gave advice on poses that the characters do not obstruct each other . but basically all the poses and emotions are completely natural, very family friendly . the modeling process was accompanied by a General fun))

Technical shooting data

The shoot took place in January, on the road was the sun, all the resources have been used natural light, in some cases, the reflector was used .

Mainly lighting direct – a dining table is located along the balcony . Laytrum processing and photoshop – retouching portraits in large frequency decomposition, color correction.

Photo story

Photo stories are important for diversity . so basically used and trained the actors, sometimes a half-length portraits of individual characters, different camera angles, the accents – for example, hands closeup photos of parts. The kids were smudged with flour, and though it happened naturally, we got such a cute accent .