The opening of the exhibition of contemporary artist from South Korea Lee Kwang-Ha - love Story - in the marble Palace
The opening ceremony was held on 1 September 2010 at 16 hours in the marble Palace (Milionnaya str., 5/1). At the personal exhibition of the contemporary artist from South Korea…

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Culture and traditions of Korea
Korean culture is one of the oldest in the world and dates back several thousand years. You can imagine that printing type appeared in this country two years before the…

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Female circumcision is not endangered barbaric tradition

The first time I learned about this monstrous tradition from the vivid autobiographical film “desert Flower”. Waris Dirie, one of the most popular models in the world, originating from Somalia, first dared to tell the world about what happened to her in childhood. About female circumcision, which she underwent in childhood. She became the first woman who denounced the practice of female circumcision, became a Special Ambassador to the United Nations to ban female circumcision, and created a Fund to combat female circumcision.

Such operations are practiced in many Muslim countries (although they struggled deny), the girls remove the clitoris and small lips fully with a purpose to deprive a woman forever the possibility of obtaining sexual pleasure, and therefore to make it forever true.

The heroine of the film “desert Flower”

Tremendous operation is performed for girls aged from a few days of life before puberty. It is usually performed at home without anesthesia – using a knife, razor, scissors or even sharp stones. And seams impose such “other material” as agave and acacia thorns. The procedure is very painful, and postoperative complications can be fatal. Urinary tract infection, wound infection, sepsis, tetanus, and in the case of non-sterile instruments hepatitis and HIV is not a complete list. Official mortality data no, but many researchers say about 10%. In addition, circumcision carries the girl obstetric problems in the future – the formation of scars, life-threatening infections, formation of cysts, organ damage, incontinence, obstruction of the birth canal, stillborn children.

In the movie “desert Flower” heroine told me that her vagina is sewn so tightly that the hole equal to the diameter of a pencil that every trip to the toilet involves waiting for the slow dripping of urine for 20 minutes. When the natural monthly bleeding is not the only a few days, and sluggish after lasts weeks. And yet – she had not experienced an orgasm and not be able to test it. Never.

Uncircumcised girls are often considered “slutty”, and for them it becomes almost impossible to marry. Mainly circumcision is practiced in Africa but in parts of Asia and Latin America the custom is also found quite often. In Asia female circumcision among traditionally Muslim communities in the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan and Indonesia. It is also found in the Arab Emirates, South Yemen, Oman and Bahrain.

Why such a huge number of tribes practice FGM? Here are the main reasons for this:

To be uncircumcised is considered a shame, a woman will never be able to find a husband.

– For religious reasons. Parents are told the girls that they should follow the rules of religion to be acceptable to God.

– To enhance male pleasure, as mutilated vagina becomes much less.

– To reduce women’s sexual desire because among such cultures it is considered “bad”, “wrong” and without the cut getting out of control.

– Ethnic groups in Mali and Northern Nigeria consider women’s genitals “disgusting” and completely remove them for purely aesthetic reasons.

-There is a belief that the clitoris is cursed and prevents the birth of children (in some African countries even have a curse “born of an uncircumcised mother” i.e. defective).

– The clitoris is considered an imperfection of the divine creation, the body belongs to the man on the analogy of the phallus, which by mistake went to the woman and should be removed.

According to the world health organization that more than 100 million women and girls circumcised. Every year the number is growing by about 3 million”Female circumcision gives women a good status,” said the woman from Gambia. “To get married, need to be cropped, otherwise not a man to find. I know that many now oppose this practice, but it is a tradition that gives the African women true values”. No matter how hard it was to live with this, women continue to advocate for the tradition. They are willing to suffer, to endanger daughters, just to follow blind faith in our day.