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Postings have been prepared on the basis of those stories, who lives in Japan and interviews with Japanese. Used materials of the podcast "Japanese policemen", interview with Yuki-San, Takeru-San, Yuriko-San,…

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Interesting idea for a family photo shoot
photo Shoot "family tradition" Introducing family photo shoot "family tradition" from the photographer Evgeniya Pavlova from the city of Moscow. Eugene — family and children's photographer, photography for more than…

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Shout on Korean wedding Bitterly: RIA Vostok-Media

Here, in honor of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea was a festive event, which featured the traditional national ceremony – tea and wedding. Because nothing is so bright and is able to represent fully the uniqueness of a nation as its cultural traditions and ceremonies.

“You will be able to experience such an unusual beauty, as the beauty of the “movement in silence”, acquainted with the Korean tea ceremony, for millennia, transmitted from generation to generation. I hope that today’s event is “the Traditional Korean wedding tea ceremony” will broaden the understanding and interest in Korean culture and would serve to further development of cooperation between the Republic of Korea and Primorsky Krai in various fields», – noted in his welcoming speech Consul General of Republic Korea in Vladivostok, Mr. Yong Moo Kim.

It would seem that it may be easier to brew the tea. Second case: the sachet into a mug, sit down and drink, with what God has sent – with a sandwich or candy. Just do not try to invite to this tea party guest from Korea. He just doesn’t understand, and, most likely, will be offended. And the point here is even in ignorance of the Korean language. Koreans just do not understand our, in their view, sacrilegious and disrespectful relation to tea.

Tea ceremony in Korea is not only an art that is taught for years in universities, is a philosophy. Here, for example, tea ceremony “seasons”, which was demonstrated on stage four young women in traditional attire. This flavor of the tea ceremony symbolizes the idea of the similarity of the stages of human life with the changing seasons. Spring is the beginning of a new life, birth and childhood; summer is the development of life, youth; autumn is the period of harvesting, maturity; winter – a beautiful end of life, old age. It seems the spring in green, summer is blue, autumn – red and winter – white.

Movement girls, graceful, plastic and leisurely, their beauty even more emphasizes sound – Korean folk tunes. The first series was lucky: they were treated made all the canons of Korean green tea.

Korean wedding spectacle too expressive and fascinating, but it is ruled by different laws. In Korea this is an important event in the life of a young family symbolizes the harmonious balance of two fundamental principles of the world: “th” (feminine) and “Yang” (for men).

The wedding begins with the arrival of the groom to the bride’s house. Comes future husband, of course, not with empty hands – with a wooden figurine of a wild goose (it symbolizes marital fidelity, because these birds are loyal to one partner my whole life). “Kiss!”, of course, no one yells, but the thing bow together, bring oath of allegiance to the spirits of Earth and Sky, light the wedding candles. At the end of the ceremony, large wedding bowl is divided into two halves, which are then connected, which means unity of the spouses. Add to that the colorful national costumes, exotic household items and folk melodies, adjusted harmony of movements and gestures – and we can assume that for a minute as a guest, you looked at the Korean wedding.

For many who came to this celebration, organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Vladivostok and Female University Sonsin, this unique country became a little clearer and closer.