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Culture and traditions of Korea

Korean culture is one of the oldest in the world and dates back several thousand years. You can imagine that printing type appeared in this country two years before the invasion of the Mongol hordes of Russia! The right hand of Batu – commander Subedei – even with the Cumans, Bashkirs and Bulgars fought, Mongolian Kurultai did not have time to declare a great crusade to Eastern Europe, and the Koreans already printed texts.

About the art of Korea is written in a separate article, we wanted to stop here on its cultural values and customs that give the concept about the soul of this hardworking and friendly people.

By the way, Koreans are quite a lot in common. Koreans, like us, are conservative and such notions as “morality” and “family” for them not an empty phrase. But if these words are interpreted very freely, the Koreans, very assiduously, observe the ancient traditions. Here honour old men and the bosses, and pick up friends and relatives from outside the spouse in accordance with your own position in society. So if Korean is interested in your social status, don’t take it as an insult or idle curiosity. He’s just trying to relate your status with your to understand how to build further relationships.

Koreans are quite reserved people in question the existence of feelings in people. To hold hands at them (especially the kiss) in front of the General public is the height of impropriety, but if the young lady is tired, he can carry it on your back, and anybody words thin will not tell.

In addition, to the Koreans, as nothing else fits the term “our shortcomings is a continuation of our virtues.” More recently (by the standards of the state) it was ravaged and poor country. And now, having made an incredible economic breakthrough, Korea came out on a totally different economic level, entering the four “Asian tigers”. But what is interesting: the memory of ancestors so ingrained in their blood that Korean can safely lie down to sleep fully clothed because his grandparents were sleeping, without removing the outerwear, to save nuggets of heat.

The Koreans are not only great workers, and great lovers to have fun on the numerous holidays and festivals, from the Festival of dirt in Techone before Christmas and New year, and the last holiday they celebrated twice: first European, and then on the Eastern calendar.

But the most important celebrations of the Koreans are considered the birth of the child and wedding. There’s no guests can not do! Not a dozen – of the other, and a few hundred. And, of course, can not do without the sorcerer, who must predict whether a marriage happy or what fate awaits the child.

The wedding ceremony is painted to trifles and Holy is reserved. Of course, not so punctually like a hundred years ago, but still the tradition in Korea – a sacred thing. And if they overlap with the requirements of Confucianism and Buddhism, much more!

But if the Europeans, by fate or travel agencies, who are in Korea, the presence of local wedding unlikely to face, to know something it is necessary.

In addition to the already said about the age and position in society, we must remember that the Koreans, unlike, for example, from the inhabitants of the Middle East, do not accept the tactile contact with strangers. The habit of kissing when meeting them causes a strong rejection, as well as all sorts of hugging, patting on the shoulder or stroking someone else’s child on the head. Max – handshake. In principle, nothing complicated.

And if we will fulfil these simple requirements, the Koreans treat us very kindly and will be happy to help you get acquainted with the life, culture and traditions of inhabitants of the country of Morning freshness – one of the most beautiful countries in the world!