Traditions of South Korea
Since the government of Korea for several hundred years was a single entity, traditions and customs of both countries of Korea do not differ much from each other. The difference…

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South Korea
Offer a small tour around Seoul and the surrounding area Start with accommodation. Koreans like to sleep on the floor, so even in the most expensive and prestigious hotels is…

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Creating a nuclear-free world with Iran and North Korea

Washington introduced the UN resolution on ending the production of nuclear weapons and their proliferation on a global scale. The document will be discussed on September 24 at a meeting of the UN Security Council chaired by the President of the United States. The main enemies of a nuclear-free world traditionally was Iran and North Korea. Share of criticism went to the and allies of the United States – Pakistan and Israel.

How to write the Sunday “New news”, these countries include the paragraph “a World without nuclear weapons”, which begins with resolution. As an argument it contains the data of the American scientists that after the nuclear tests in the environment for decades remain residual effects with the worst consequences. But by themselves these effects are the provokers of leukemia in its final stage, cancer lung, stomach, skin and brain.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan rice said earlier that the Obama&gt administration considers ending the production and proliferation of nuclear weapons as the most important issue of our time. She reminded the UN diplomats about the performance of Obama in the Czech Republic in April this year, in which he urged world leaders to the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons.

Representatives of the five countries of the security Council – the U.S., Russia, Britain, France and China – agreed on many issues related to nuclear non-proliferation, before the American resolution was in the hands of diplomats, the newspaper said.

In September the U.S. on a rotating basis led the UN Security Council. The American President first time in history, will personally preside over the meeting, said rice.

We will remind, last week the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon expressed confidence that the Land will be free of nuclear weapons. All the world now has more than 20 thousand units of such weapons, and the danger of its use remains. In this regard, the Secretary General called on all governments to make additional efforts for its elimination.

The main concern is invariably cause Iran and North Korea. The first country accused of developing nuclear weapons under cover of a peaceful nuclear program. The second in violation of the agreements about the freezing of nuclear development, which were previously hardly reached in the six-party talks.

Tehran last week formally introduced its “six” negotiators (members of the UN security Council plus Germany) another package of proposals on nuclear issues. According to “Kommersant”, the document contained a General discussion of the need for nuclear disarmament around the world and solving global problems. About the situation around the Iranian nuclear program studies in the Epistle delicately held back.

Western members of the six described the message of Tehran as meaningless. The Russian foreign Ministry also expressed disappointment with the Iranian response, stating that it “is not constructive” and has a formal character.

Nevertheless, the negotiations within the framework of Iran “six” decided to resume on 1 October. Prior to this, the participants will develop a consolidated position on Iran during the upcoming UN General Assembly and the G20 summit in Pittsburgh. Russia and China remain opposed to tightening sanctions against Iran, believing that they will not benefit. Therefore, as suggested by the newspaper, the tone of the upcoming talks will most likely be soft.

As for North Korea, which this year left his “six” (her stay in South Korea, Japan, USA, Russia and China), at the end of August, it was reported that Pyongyang invited for nuclear talks American diplomats. North Korea considers its main opponent was the US, which, in the opinion of its management, show aggression, forcing Pyongyang to strengthen its military capabilities.

The Flag of the Republic of Korea flag of the Republic of Korea
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