Wedding traditions of Korea

Probably all of you have seen a traditional Korean wedding in one of your favorite dramas, such as “the Sun that embraces the moon” or “Palace”. However, you probably wondered. what is a Korean wedding? Don’t worry, today we will tell you the most important details of such an event. (If you have difficulties to imagine all this, just try to imagine that this is your wedding, of course with your favorite K-Pop idol).

Your future K-Pop husband has already prepared a special box, called hahm filled with gifts for your family. Together with his friends and family he comes to your home repeating the “Hahm for sale! Hahm for sale!” (on sale). Then, your family considers the cost of buying “boxes”. All this is usually accompanied by laughter and jokes, creating an atmosphere of fun and joyful upcoming event.

Future K-pop the bridegroom is obliged to give your mother a pair of wooden geese, which are called kirogi. Geese are a pair for life, symbolizing a long and happy life that you will share as a married couple.

Wedding day

Time to get dressed. Traditional wedding is usually held at the bride’s home, allowing her to freshen up in comfort. You wear the traditional Korean hanbok short vest (vest with long sleeves, is a mandatory part of the hanbok). To make sure that you are really happy bride specially the red dots glue on the face and forehead of the bride. You are so beautiful isn’t it?

Your groom also wears traditional men’s hanbok. Also, as a white dress is traditional for wedding ceremonies in the West, blue hanbok, the traditional attire for men at a wedding in Korea. Of course your fiance will look beautiful and absolutely…. as usual… like Lee Min Ho .

Climb into your very own gama or simply put the stretchers, where you certainly will feel like a Princess, unless of course you don’t feel this way before. You will carry four friends of your husband, perhaps they will be members of the group INFINITE, or BIGBANG. No need to worry about how a husband gets to the destination, because it has its own gama.

When you get, you will find that special place for ceremonies already installed, the screen raised wedding, creating the perfect backdrop for the two of you. The screen is usually decorated with blooming peonies, which represents healthy and happy life together. (Please do not worry, not one of the fans is not going to steal your idol).

Finally, comes the long-awaited moment when you and your beloved become a happy married couple. After low bows to each other, the mother of the bride pours the house wine in two special glass, carved from pumpkins that she raised herself. Drink and smile, you are now husband and wife.

Are you ready to share your wedding with your idol? Traditional Korean wedding there is no actual kiss between the bride and groom, but there is a time when you had to break a date or the jelly using only their mouths.

Don’t forget to feed its guests. Noodles, such as janchi guksu, is a must dish for Korean weddings and it symbolizes the longevity of the couple. Of course, don’t forget about the other delicacies, such as bulgogi (marinated beef), Tok (cake of glutinous rice) and kalbi (beef ribs on the grill).

After the wedding

Of course, you should prepare gifts for their parents. At a special ceremony called paebaek you will give the dates and chestnuts, which symbolize the fertility of the newlyweds. Your new parents will throw in the dates and chestnuts, and you will try to catch them with her skirt.(for the bride)

Now it’s time to start a new life with her husband. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures of your happy family. Congratulations!