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Also, about half of the products have only one window, and some solid: By the way, this is an indirect confirmation of the true purpose of the kogai hairpin as…

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Medical center of Hanyang Seoul (Hanyang University International Hospital) is the largest medical and research center not only in Korea but in Asia overall since 1972. University of Hanyang international…

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10 amazing facts about South Korea

While all the world’s attention goes to its troubled neighbour, South Korea never ceases to amaze us. It has survived Japanese colonization, Soviet meddling, threats from North Korea, becoming the 12th largest trading nation. It produces the LG TVs, Hyundai cars and Samsung phones that we use every day. But in fact this country has much bigger!

1. Reconstruction of crimes.

Reconstruction of the crime implies that a suspect will participate in a humiliating public ritual. It associated, leads the police to a crime scene and ordered to re-enact the crime in front of the public. In addition, the event covered in the media.

2. Delivery fast food.

If you lived in South Korea, you wouldn’t have to leave the house to eat. Any restaurant will quickly deliver the food directly to your door, after your meal you can just leave the dirty dishes outside the door because the delivery guy will come back for her later.

3. Make-up for men.

South Korean men are obsessed with cosmetics, despite his reputation as a super-macho. Representatives of the stronger sex here spend about 900 million dollars a year on makeup. Mainly they are interested in the cream base, cleanser and anti-aging, and eye cream.

4. The Boryeong mud festival Mud.

Since 1998, millions of people from around the world flock here for the festival of dirt. 10 fun-filled days of people having fun, ignoring the memories of childhood, when my mother asked them not to play in the mud.

5. South Korean robots.

Robots more is not fantastic! In 2010, they invaded South Korean schools in the program “R-Learning” as automated assistants. In addition, the robot dog teaches kids dance and gymnastics, and iRobi keeps track of who is in the class and wondered how things are going in children.

6. Romantic holidays.

Valentine’s day is popular worldwide, but in South Korea it has its own peculiarity. Here this day is a male holiday. Women demonstrate their love to men, giving them chocolates and gifts. But March 14 is known as “White day” and is women’s day.

7. Age.

Crossing the border of South Korea, you become a year older, as it the newborn child immediately “assign” year of age.

8. The biggest Church in the world.

Despite the fact that the Church is Yoido Full Gospel Church is the largest and most spacious in the world, there is going to the largest number of parishioners. As of 2013 the Church in Seoul had 1 million followers. Every Sunday a service here come 200 thousand people, several hundred thousand have the ability to watch the service online.

9. Baseball served as a political tool.

Imported in the early 20th century by Christian missionaries, baseball has become one of the most popular games in South Korea. Although between “yagu” and the classic American version there are some differences. The dark past game is that the dictator Chun Doo hwan, came to power in the 70’s, used a baseball as a great opportunity too active for young people to let off steam. This was done in order to divert attention from the regime in the country and thoughts about all sorts of pickets, demonstrations and other things.

10. Blood group.

In South Korea blood is of great importance. It not simply delivers oxygen to your organs, but also determines your personality! South Koreans are the stereotypes based on blood group. And these beliefs are so strong that it can even influence the choice of the second half.