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V. A. Balkanski Tea – a delicate matter

In Japan, it is assimilated to the deity, in China included on the list eight items that must have every Chinese. Tea – it is not only a drink, it is part of the national culture. About Lipetsk well-known writer and popularizer of tea Balkanski Valentin told in his new book about the Eastern tea “Tea – a delicate matter” . After reading it, the reader learns a lot about tea traditions, and about the people for whom tea is not just a beverage to quench thirst, and the East fork of hospitality and attitude.

“Working on the book, I not only became acquainted with Oriental tea, but also like a new saw and what they live with these people. And credit to those true patriots of their native land, who, taking an opportunity, became a kind of guides and showed all the best and interesting that I want to show the dear guests”, – with sincere respect for the author notes.

Valentin Balkanski convinced that “tea is a drink that brings people together regardless of nationality and religion” . so the output of this book is now very relevant. In its creation took part the people living in different countries and speak different languages, which are United by a love of tea.

The book tells about the tradition of tea drinking in different parts of the world: Russia, the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East, and it is written, as indicated in the Preface, the author, “for better understanding between peoples, which is now so lacking”.

The author writes about the famous beverage for the first time. In 2007 in Lipetsk was published a collection “the English are about tea” . an instance of which appeared in the library of the English Queen. In gratitude, Elizabeth II has sent her a portrait of the author that inspired Russian writer to create a new book. And Balkanski Valentin is the Creator of the unique ribbon tea length 100 meters pieced together from fragments of packages that sell packaged tea. It also possesses the largest collection of tea in Russia: 2500 samples from 35 countries. In its collection there is even space tea drinking Russian cosmonauts in orbit.

On the book, “Tea – a delicate matter” V. Balkanski worked for 7 years. The material was collected in different countries. Received many letters. About 50 short stories the writer has posted on the pages of the publication. Turned international “tea” project, which was attended by the connoisseurs of tea from twelve countries and regions where Muslims have traditionally lived.

Valentin Balkanski, writer, journalist: “I decided to do the encyclopedia of the Eastern tea. Here is not only about traditions, not only recipes. But the tea jokes, fun stories that people tell themselves over and laughing. One Tajik was a big fan of tea and was late for the wedding. It’s the bride in the registry office waiting, you imagine the scandal, and he chemnical with friends. And suddenly he remembered that it was time to sign!”.

In part three of the book “Caucasus Tea” is a story about tea traditions of the Muslim peoples of the Northern Caucasus and Transcaucasia (South Caucasus), and the inhabitants of Dagestan and Azerbaijan share with our readers their tea addictions. Among the storytellers are natives of Dagestan: Absolution mutayev, doctor of the highest category (Lipetsk), Mohammed Sungurov, head of the Department of social protection of population of the Lak district (S. Kumukh), Patimat Gamzatova. Ph. D., member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of arts (Moscow-Makhachkala), Khizir-Inrb Ramazanov, the oncologist. the candidate of medical Sciences (Usman’, Lipetsk region), Barmbek Magomedov. editor-in-chief of the newspaper “Rutul news” (p. Rutul), etc.

The contents of a book “Tea – slim case”:

Part one. A brief history of tea

Part two. Longtime tea party neighbors

Part three. Tea in the Caucasus

Part four. The bowl is a circle

Part five. Two views of one drink