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Postings have been prepared on the basis of those stories, who lives in Japan and interviews with Japanese. Used materials of the podcast "Japanese policemen", interview with Yuki-San, Takeru-San, Yuriko-San,…

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North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun". Exhibition of art from North Korea to CHA: chernov_vlad
In the Central House of Artist on November 8 starts exhibition of contemporary art of North Korea ’s North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun". The exhibition will…

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Abstract of Japan: ancient traditions and contemporary lifestyle

Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle

Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle

Report on modern history

Bodnia Oleg.

Class 11 and the 540-th school.

Everyone understands that capitalist countries conquered colony ,

enslaved countries not. to give something to their peoples and for

to take from them as possible. These are the objectives pursued and then,

when the ships commander Perd in 1854 forced Japan to open its

ports for trade with foreigners.

The Americans, British, Germans, French, Vietnamese and blacks

(mainly the southern coast of Nigeria) wanted to flood the Japanese

the island with all sorts of goods, increase the profits, to enslave, to force

to work on yet another nation. However, in the face of those who ruled at the time

the Yamato race, the States of Europe and America met a skilled ninja

system of philosophy which was built on the art of struggle the weak with the strong

and to achieve victory in this fight. Capitalists met here

decent, similar to anthropoid. those who have long

dreamed of conquest. Sun Toyota is still famous shogun said. “Go

over the hill I. as maqutu (long, strong stick – jap.), squeeze the hand in Korea.”

The tip of the nation went to the Europeanization of their country. on borrowing

the entire Western. on raising, the creation of industry. the development of science

education. culture. on borrowing from the field of life and life

Europeans. All the high society Japan – princes, Ministers, officials,

nobles, ninja kimono was replaced by European clothes, put a pot

hid maqutu and picked up his cane … But they are all from the Emperor and to

last officials appealed again to his maqutu and kimono. as

crossed the threshold of his house. The common people had his back turned to

everything. coming from the West, he remained himself. for the customs of the deep

of antiquity not ischezajut people just because. from Tokyo that followed

abolishing them. Now, however, the pace of life has led him

the law of time. But the simple people had only temporarily turned more like Europe. on

need. Beyond the threshold of his house upgraded anything in it

remained. Moreover. and now. when it is no different from any

imperialist countries, when in a Japanese house there is a TV ,

radio microwave and Nindendo console, Japanese in

the vast majority remained loyal to the Makuta. Along with the train

rushing with a speed of 2 km/s. on one of the railway lines still

then runs one of a kind train of six wagons. It holds

3000 passengers. who do not sit on the benches. while on the Mat and zabuton

right on the floor. radio transmit continuously produces music and

popular singles. So, who moved Joyjuice Strait by ferry. could

not to pay attention to. that along with the beautiful cabins of the third

class there is still one huge. 3000-4000 people in the cabin,

But it happens sometimes. Virii in Japan it was not unheard of. to

one of the “Highnesses” he occupied a University chair and read scientific lectures

moreover. to become a seller in the pharmacy. because the Japanese seller in

the pharmacy is the most shameful labour. But today’s reality. brother