Democratic people’s Republic

Where is North Korea?

DPRK or North Korea is in Eastern Asia and is located in the Northern part of the Korean Peninsula. It is bordered by Russia and China, with South Korea. The state of North Korea (DPRK) appeared in 1948 under the influence of the Soviet Union. It is controlled by the Labour party of the DPRK.

What historical facts are known about North Korea?

Until 1948, Korea was a unified state. 9 September 1948, was formed in North Korea (DPRK). This process was supported by the USSR. The leader of North Korea was Kim Il sung. At first he was Prime Minister, and since 1972 the General Secretary. All power in the country belonged to Kim Il sung and the workers ‘ party of Korea. From the very first years of its existence North Korea was taken of the emphasis on the development of heavy industry. This has led to the decline of agriculture in the country. From 1950 to 1953 took place the war between North and South Korea. It was more of a war between the USSR and China against the United States. After the war, the economy in North Korea have risen fairly quickly (faster than in South Korea). Kim Il sung began to pursue a policy of personality cult, like Stalin in the USSR.

Despite the fact that the industry of North Korea after the war, immediately caught up with the pre-war level and agriculture was in decline. Kim Il sung put forward the idea of Juche (the solution to any problems and difficulties on their own). In the end, it led the country in 1980 to default. The son of Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il continued the policy of his father, became General Secretary in 1994. However, without the support of the USSR collapsed North Korea has become very difficult. Eventually in the late 90-ies of the last century, about 900 thousand Koreans died of starvation. Only in recent years in the DPRK begins to show some stability. Thus the model of the Stalinist state and is preserved until now, although many of the laws have softened a lot.

What city is the capital of North Korea?

The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. Pyongyang with Korean language translates as “wide land”. According to one legend, this city was founded in the year 2334 BC. The capital was Pyongyang in 427 ad. This city has many attractions, which is famous throughout the world, for example, two fountains. They are in the middle of the Taedong river and reach a height of 150 meters. Another landmark is the Tower of Juche Idea. Pyongyang also has the triumphal arch, which is installed to commemorate the victory over the Japanese.

What attractions are in North Korea?

A large number of attractions of North Korea are located in the capital. Pyongyang is a very high building — hotel height 330 metres. The town also has a monument to the “Chollima”, built in 1961. This building symbolizes the prosperity of the Korean people and his desire to move rapidly to socialism. In addition, North Korea has a triumphal arch, erected in honor of Korean leader Kim Il Sung. In addition to these attractions in Korea, many other architectural monuments, stadiums and various monuments.

What animals live in North Korea?

North Korea is inhabited by many animals. The most interesting of them is the leopard, tiger, wolf and deer. Of birds in North Korea found the crane, Heron, snipe and eagle. Of course, in addition to these, there are other species of animals inhabiting the territory of North Korea.

Who is indigenous to North Korea?

The indigenous inhabitants of North Korea are Koreans. In Korean the word “Koreans” would sound like “Choson Saram”. Koreans in Korea the most, but there are also representatives of other peoples: the Chinese, Japanese and others.