Traditions of South Korea

Since the government of Korea for several hundred years was a single entity, traditions and customs of both countries of Korea do not differ much from each other. The difference can be noted simply as the difference of two dialects of neighbouring provinces.

Features Of South Korea

It is known that Korea is a very friendly country. And to each other, Koreans are very thoughtful and polite. Any lost tourist Korean will help you to find the right direction, give some tips and advise where, or who to contact, if you have a problem. Besides, South Korea is considered one of the safest countries in the world.

One of the oldest and most remarkable traditions of Korea is a respectful address to elders. No one touches the food until the table came the elder. Also all stand up when he is finished eating and leaves the table. Generally, once the society of Koreans, it is easy to conclude that the status of representative of the people.

Traditions Of South Korea

Traditionally, like all the peoples of Asia, the Koreans are thrilled about the holidays. Any holiday is rest, and a round table with the whole family. On holidays they wear traditional clothes Handbag. The table serves national dishes, some of them quite sharp:


Gengis Kan;



sisoian and others.

If the Korean man at the table slurping loudly is a sign that he liked the dish served.

Holidays In South Korea

Korea holidays not disadvantaged: there is national (it’s thanksgiving – the feast of harvest, the Salt NAHL – New year, etc.); personal (for example – the day of Birth), and of course public – 9 around the holidays.

If we consider the holidays near South Korea, you can be surprised to their features. For example, if on March 8 the girl not congratulated, she buys and eats black noodles, in a sign that she’s “rainy day”. Birthday party boy needs to eat a special dish – meek-ku. Is a soup made from seaweed. They say that by eating this soup, it will ensure longevity.

Also one of the popular holidays of Korea, it is Buddha’s birthday. On the last Sunday before the holiday Parade of Lights. It is a beautiful sight, which is fun and old and small.

Another favorite holiday of the Koreans – Acandi (first birthday of the child). This large and warm holiday invited a huge number of guests – close and distant relatives, and just friends. It is believed that more guests will congratulate the little one – the happier will be his fate. Festivities begin in the house of David, and in the evening all the way to the restaurant. The peculiarity of this joyful celebration – it’s something before the baby is laid on the table of different items: rice, rice cakes, paper scrolls, money, a dagger, a microphone, a laptop and other items. Depending on that I would choose the baby – will be predicted his fate:

money or rice – to be rich;

dagger – could be a leader;

paper scrolls – government official;

the microphone – becoming a singer;

and if you choose the laptop – will be a programmer.

An interesting feature of South Korea – all the Koreans get their holidays in one month – only in July. Its duration is about two weeks. Therefore, scheduling the trip to Korea, be aware that prices in this month is increased, and beds in hotels are very few.