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Strange features of Japanese culture
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Girls Holiday in Japan, Hinamatsuri

It’s great still to be born a girl. Adults treat her tenderly and gently. Grandparents indulge, forgiving those pranks that would never forgive the boy. The girl can be both weak and strong. The very nature allowed her to cry as much as she wants, and no it is not condemned. But the main advantage of the younger fairer sex is that they can play with dolls. So the boys can only envy.

All in the love of the girls went to Japan. In the land of the rising sun since ancient times there is a good and a good holiday. It is called&nbsp– girls Holiday . In Japanese, it sounds very beautiful&nbsp– Hinamatsuri .

It was considered the triumph official until the middle of the last century. Then he was expelled from the registry of public holidays. But the centuries-old tradition remains, and the Japanese continue to celebrate the Holiday girls annually. Have it on 3 March .

In those families where there are young girls organized a exhibition of elegantly dressed dolls. Make them out of wood, clay or paper. These dolls are created specially for the show. They are passed from one generation of women to another and are considered great family value.

To display them starting from the time when the family a girl is born. Always put the dolls in sequence. By taking the shelf with 7 steps are made of red cloth and set in plain view in the house.

Shelf with dolls

exposed on March 3, in the houses where there are little girls

The top step is reserved for reigning monarchs. These dolls represent the Emperor and Empress. Below are figures of three ladies in waiting. They are holding cups. They probably should have a drink for rulers. More below is a band of 5 musicians, as dolls holding drums and wind instruments. On top of the step 4 are the guards. There are two of them. One with bow and quiver, and the second with a sword.

Below, the guards placed 3 servants. Talk about it their modest dress and submissive poses. Below this are toy household items. This is furniture, tableware, artificial vegetation in tubs. The modern Japanese are put on shelves and figurines of famous athletes, popular artists. This shelf is in the house for 3 weeks. Longer to leave it is impossible, as in this case, the girl may later get married. It’s a superstition. Dolls are carefully Packed and stored until next year.

Doll: Emperor and Empress

Girls holiday in Japan for the girls themselves is not only fun, but also a serious test of how they have prepared themselves for adult life: learned the rules of etiquette and hospitality. In the camp of the Rising Sun it has received a lot of attention. The house is invited to a holiday the other children. Drink, entertain, and try to remember the hospitality of the little guests for a long time.

Thanks to vintage the holiday, girls, growing up, continue with great love to treat their dolls. Many of them, once married, don’t give up the holiday and arrange it themselves. Only after the birth of their daughters dolls lose their significance in the eyes of young mothers, but they find new owners.

Good old Japanese holiday Hinamatsuri very aesthetic. From an early age offers children the beauty of the world. Instills a sense of beauty, makes one look at life more seriously and thoughtfully. It would be very nice if in other countries there were similar holidays. Then the child would become even more wonderful and memorable phase of human life.

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