Culture and traditions of Korea
Korean culture is one of the oldest in the world and dates back several thousand years. You can imagine that printing type appeared in this country two years before the…

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North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun". Exhibition of art from North Korea to CHA: chernov_vlad
In the Central House of Artist on November 8 starts exhibition of contemporary art of North Korea ’s North Korea: In the rays of the spring sun". The exhibition will…

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Treatment in Korea Medical center of Hanyang Seoul

Medical center of Hanyang Seoul (Hanyang University International Hospital) is the largest medical and research center not only in Korea but in Asia overall since 1972.

University of Hanyang international opened the hospital in July 2003 to provide specialized services for foreigners and overseas Koreans. Equipping the medical center is constantly improving and is designed to provide the most easy access to the treatment in Korea.

The hospital provides a variety of services from traditional Eastern to modern Western medicine.

It is recognized as the best in the field of medical care assessment of the Korean Association of Health promotion (Korean Society of Health Promotion – KSHP). In 2009 the Korea national Tourism Organization (Korea National Tourism Organization ) has recognized the hospital best medical center. Included in the list of recommended medical centers for foreign patients under the name “Korea” (Korea in the World), compiled by Committee of the Korean Brands (Korea Brand Committee) the Hospital has a specialized medical office, such as:

Hospital treatment of rheumatic diseases which was founded in June 1989, the first of its kind in Korea. In the hospital, there are departments for rheumatic treatment, rehabilitation of joints, early arthritis and rheumatic equipment for radiology and orthopedic surgery. In order to constantly improve, the Hospital treatment of rheumatic diseases takes part in joint research and scientific sotrudnichestve known universities and research institutions in the U.S. and Japan.

Treatment of degenerative neurological diseases

Specialized clinics of the Medical Center of the University of Hanyang offers the evaluation of the disease and its treatment to improve the quality of life of patients with degenerative neurological diseases. Clinic disease Lou Gehrig was founded in order to develop new treatments and to carry out research to find the cause of this disease.

Medical Offices:

Therapy unit, Department of Pediatrics, healthy child clinic, Department of neurology, Department of neuropsychiatry, Department of dermatology, division of General surgery, Department of pediatric surgery, Department of thoracic surgery, Department of orthopedic surgery, division of neurosurgery, Department of plastic surgery, Department of obstetrics and gynecology, division of ophthalmology, Department of otorhinolaryngology, Department of urology, Department of rehabilitation, Department of therapeutic radiology, Department of radiation medicine, Department of oral surgery, Department of family medicine, industrial medicine, division of rheumatology, Department of rehabilitation of joints, separation anesthesiolo of pain control, Department of osteo-articular surgery, Department of early arthritis, health center, international clinic.