The alpha and omega of Japanese cuisine - dishes according to the season. Sometimes it is not less important than their cooking. The concept of seasonality in the Japanese culinary…

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Abstract of Japan: ancient traditions and contemporary lifestyle
Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle Report on modern history Bodnia Oleg. Class 11 and the 540-th school. Everyone understands that capitalist countries conquered…

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10 most bizarre sexual traditions

The traditions of the peoples that inhabit our planet, fraught with many interesting, unusual and unknown. I. of course, a forbidden topic of sex just could not stay aside and is reflected in the large number of different customs and rituals, sometimes very strange.

1. Australia

The Australian aborigines, instead of the traditional handshake, demonstrate a friendly touch to the penis of his companion.

2. Northern Kamchatka

The indigenous peoples of the North of Kamchatka is still an old tradition that when a guest having intercourse with the wife of the owner. The woman for consent are ready for more, and it is considered a great honor. And if after that the woman has the baby, happiness and success will be secured this house and all over town.

3. Tibet

Tibetan girl to marry, you must have in your account at least a dozen sexual partners.

4. Polynesia

The number of sexual partners the bride here doesn’t matter, but for marriage she should have at least two children.

5. Oceania

Local customs require the bride to be a virgin. Thus, before the girl admits to her fiance, she must pass the procedure of deprivation of virginity with a stone knife. This ceremony is performed by the groomsmen, then they can have sex with the bride of his friend, for the next three days. Next, the bride passed into the hands of the other men of the tribe, and only after that goes to her legitimate husband.

6. South Africa

In one of the local tribes twins are the archetype of sin and the terrible curse. Therefore, local men for fear of offspring in the form of twins, cut my one testicle.

Men of another African tribe, before the wedding, you need to be properly tested. They need to have sexual intercourse with the mother of the bride this number of times, which will be enough to convince her of the viability of the groom’s men. The bridegroom then sent to mandatory inspection (teeth, body, etc.) to his future father-in-law.

7. Central African tribe «celluci”

Wives of tribal chief becoming the most beautiful girls, sometimes even more than a hundred. If it becomes known that the leader is not able to satisfy them all, he will be in big trouble. It is threatened with the overthrow of honorary positions and death in terrible agony, because of a belief the tribe says that the impotent will not be able to transfer land and cattle force of fertility.

8. Brazilian Indians “tupinamba”

They believed that women only prefer large size male genitals, so they expose them to the bites of poisonous snakes to swell.

9. The tribe “Paname” in Micronesia

To excite women are subjected to the bites of ants.

10. Japan and Korea

From ancient times to the present Japanese and Korean women to enhance passion use their “crown” reception — the Golden needle prick in the groin.