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Also, about half of the products have only one window, and some solid: By the way, this is an indirect confirmation of the true purpose of the kogai hairpin as…

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The Flag of the Republic of Korea flag of the Republic of Korea
The history of South Korea describes the development of the southern part of the Korean Peninsula since 1945 until today. The history of South Korea begins with the Soviet-American agreements…

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South Korea

Offer a small tour around Seoul and the surrounding area

Start with accommodation. Koreans like to sleep on the floor, so even in the most expensive and prestigious hotels is definitely next to the bed will be this bench. Well, it’s a low budget tours to national exotics provided anyway. My room in the yeogwang.:-)

Favorite transport for seoulites – metro. At the celebration on the occasion of the opening in Seoul of the first line were waiting for the President – General Pak Chung Hee. But he did not come. The same day a North Korean agent shot at the General, missed, and wounded his wife. Many people thought it was bad omen for the Moscow metro, but fortunately, for 33 years no accidents not happened. Now in the Seoul metro more than 450 stations. The end station of many lines are already outside the city in nearby suburbs and satellite towns. The tunnels are wide (so that if necessary the tanks were), the cars are spacious. In the way seoulites were all drinking coffee and reading the newspaper (they lie on the top shelf for free, every day new)

Since we are talking about the Northern neighbors-brothers, and can be rolled to the border (very close to Seoul). It is, of course, “castle”,

But South Koreans believe that someday their country will unite with North Korea, and hung on the barbed wire scarves and notes as a sign of friendship.

In Seoul often are meetings on this (and other) reason,

And the authorities are always ready to come to the aid of their citizens at any moment.

Hungry for a mobile snack bars on every corner in any city or village. Why these cars-transformers called Padan-Macha, which translated from Korean — “indoor horse van or horse-covered wagon” is unknown. What is clear is that this name is rooted in the depth of the Li dynasty.

Street stationary fast food is everywhere trying to make Padan-Macha worthy competition.

Seoul is a city of youth and students.

The older generation prefers to live and work in the village.

Or in the monastery.

However, young people are also trying not to forget old traditions. In Seoul, for example, at the Royal Palace Kenbokkun every day is the ceremony of transfer of officer the security officer the keys to the city, in exactly the same way as it was during the Joseon dynasty. Not for tourists, for yourself.

And on the market square in the village of Congedo (100 km from Seoul) young guys in hats with long white ribbons dancing in Sanma – a complex of ancient Korean dance.

The Emperor Munmu was buried in 681 in the only to this day in the world of underwater tomb. Such was the desire of the First Emperor of Korea, in the last days of life, on the shore of the Eastern sea – “Bury me here, in the sea. In the open water. I want to revive the sea dragon. To and after death to protect my state. ”

1326 it took years, but Koreans remember, love and honor his First Emperor. Every day on the shore of East sea, people come to worship Mummu, to pay homage and bring offerings to the Sea Dragon.