Wedding traditions of Korea
Probably all of you have seen a traditional Korean wedding in one of your favorite dramas, such as "the Sun that embraces the moon" or "Palace". However, you probably wondered.…

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Viticulture Japan part 1
1. Introduction Several genera of the species of Vitis, such as Vitis coignetiae Pulliat. V. flexuosa Thumb. and V. amurensis Rupr. native to Japan. However, they were not introduced to…

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General information on Japan

Japan is an island country, around the Eastern part of Asia. Japan consists of over 3,000 large and small Islands, the largest of which is – Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu. The total area is km2 377.864. Being in a tectonically active area, the country is replete with natural hot springs, is subject to frequent volcanic eruptions, earthquakes. Sea and ocean lapping on all sides the country, form many natural bays and coves. Japan is divided into 8 regions (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, kinki, Chugoku, Shikoku, and

Kyushu-Okinawa) and 47 prefectures administrative units). Because of the great length from North to South (25″ latitude), climatic conditions in different regions of the country differ markedly from each other. So, more than half of the year, the temperature on the Northern island of Hokkaido does not rise above 10°C, and in Okinawa, more than half of the year is above 25″C. The main part of the countries located in the temperate zone with favorable climate and rich greens.

Seasons steadily replaced every three months: spring — March to may, summer from June to August, autumn from September to November and winter from December to February. Each season has its advantages, but the best for traveling are spring and autumn.

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Sexual traditions of the peoples of the world – Funny pictures, photos of girls free video, photo fun, humor

Sexual and gender vzaimootnoshenia and customs of different peoples is very different.Even in Europe,in the era of freedom and globalism,sexual differences are very great: first lose their virginity in Iceland – a 15 and a half years. Later do the Germans – before the sixteenth birthday and the Swedes with the Danes – 16 with a small. The “morally upright” Europeans were the Italians. In that country where anciently the girls kept a host of aunts, parted with innocence usually by the age of 18.

Though many believe the US liberated,Horny and depraved country America has not occupied the top spot. Such experience the youth gets there in almost 17 years. The latest offensive of the sexual life in India – on the eve of the twentieth anniversary. At about the same age, decided to engage in intimate relationships in South-East Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan.

Australian natives – war, instead of our customary handshake, friendliness demonstrate a slightly different gesture, namely — touching the dick of his companion.

Northern Kamchatka

Still deaf in the villages of Northern Kamchatka persisted centuries-old tradition of the guest copulation with the wife of the owner of the house. Moreover, the consent of the guest for the woman Continue reading

The St. Petersburg House of Nationalities – Home – Photos

Practical seminar “National costumes peoples of Central Asia: history, especially modern usage”

February 25 was held a Practical seminar “National costumes peoples of Central Asia: history, especially modern usage”.

The initiator of the event were the St. Petersburg CCU “St. Petersburg House of nationalities”, it was held in the framework of the project “Multinational culture of St. Petersburg”, with the assistance, support and participation of the Russian ethnographic Museum and the national-cultural associations of St. Petersburg.

The seminar was attended by 50 people, among them: Deputy Directors on educational work, teachers, teachers-organizers and teachers-psychologists, employees of boarding schools and correctional schools, employees of institutions of additional education, teachers of children’s institutions, Methodists of scientific-methodological centers of district education departments of the city; specialists responsible for implementation of the programme of the government of St. Petersburg “Tolerance”.

The event program will include: ▪ gathering and registration of participants; ▪ welcome to participants and introductory report “National costumes peoples of Central Asia” (presented by L. F. Popova – head of Division of peoples of the Caucasus, Continue reading

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The opening of the exhibition of contemporary artist from South Korea Lee Kwang-Ha - love Story - in the marble Palace
The opening ceremony was held on 1 September 2010 at 16 hours in the marble Palace (Milionnaya str., 5/1). At the personal exhibition of the contemporary artist from South Korea…


Girls Holiday in Japan, Hinamatsuri
It's great still to be born a girl. Adults treat her tenderly and gently. Grandparents indulge, forgiving those pranks that would never forgive the boy. The girl can be both…

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