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Never look the scary Japanese movies! Culture

Some people just love horror movies, and sometimes living without them can. It’s a kind of adrenaline that a person receives in a passive state. Only it is not always beneficial.

American psychologist David Rudd argues that the horror films you need to watch definitely. Especially if you have any fears or phobias. It turns out that David was treating his patients with the help of horror movies. And that he did it well. People were no longer afraid of the forest, of the dark, dogs, etc. moreover, he recommends a daily watch at least 1 film this.

However, there are some contradictions with Japanese movies. As it turned out, they are not useful. On the contrary, they are encouraged to do evil and kill. The film “the puppet master”, directed Jung-Yong-Ki, a fairly strong effect on the psyche of children. It is highly recommended not to experiment and often do not watch scary Japanese movies. They act on the brain of the child so that later children become zombified. This can be understood by the following symptoms: irritation, frequent depression, conflicts, reduced performance. Also the child will become insecure and will begin to fear even their peers.

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The alpha and omega of Japanese cuisine – dishes according to the season. Sometimes it is not less important than their cooking. The concept of seasonality in the Japanese culinary tradition is first and foremost the use of the products at the time of the year when they are particularly tasty. For example, tender, crispy, with a pleasant aroma bamboo shoots (which generally play an important role in the national culinary tradition) – luck dishes of the spring season. Lotus root is revered seasonal food in spring and autumn. From time immemorial happened that fried eel best restores strength during the heat. There was even a special day when they ate the fish. According to the lunar calendar he was about the middle of July. Seasonality is also reflected in the compulsory decoration of the dishes the characters at different times of the year. For example, in a stuffy hot summer, let the white cold noodles boiled in a frame of fresh leaves of red Perilla beckons with coolness and stimulates the appetite. Autumn dishes are decorated with red maple leaves, pine needles, chrysanthemum flowers, and carrot or radish are cut in the same shape of maple leaves. By the way, some Japanese chefs specialize in “production” of colors of vegetables. From slices of radish, carrot, pumpkin, they Continue reading

Girls Holiday in Japan, Hinamatsuri

It’s great still to be born a girl. Adults treat her tenderly and gently. Grandparents indulge, forgiving those pranks that would never forgive the boy. The girl can be both weak and strong. The very nature allowed her to cry as much as she wants, and no it is not condemned. But the main advantage of the younger fairer sex is that they can play with dolls. So the boys can only envy.

All in the love of the girls went to Japan. In the land of the rising sun since ancient times there is a good and a good holiday. It is called&nbsp– girls Holiday . In Japanese, it sounds very beautiful&nbsp– Hinamatsuri .

It was considered the triumph official until the middle of the last century. Then he was expelled from the registry of public holidays. But the centuries-old tradition remains, and the Japanese continue to celebrate the Holiday girls annually. Have it on 3 March .

In those families where there are young girls organized a exhibition of elegantly dressed dolls. Make them out of wood, clay or paper. These dolls are created specially for the show. They are passed from one generation of women to another and are considered great family value.

To display them starting from the time when the family a girl is born. Always put the dolls in sequence. By taking the shelf with 7 steps are made of red cloth and set in plain Continue reading

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