Female circumcision is not endangered barbaric tradition
The first time I learned about this monstrous tradition from the vivid autobiographical film "desert Flower". Waris Dirie, one of the most popular models in the world, originating from Somalia,…

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Culture and traditions of Korea
Korean culture is one of the oldest in the world and dates back several thousand years. You can imagine that printing type appeared in this country two years before the…

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Family traditions: Korea


For millennia, the hanbok is a traditional clothing of Koreans. The beauty and elegance of Korean culture is perfectly captured by the photos of Korean women dressed in hanbok. Before the advent in Korea clothes Western style about 100 years ago, hanbok was everyday clothing of Koreans. Men wore Chogori (jacket) and paji (pants), clothing the women were cohorns chima (skirt). Nowadays, the hanbok is worn only on solemn and celebratory days such as wedding day, Sollal (Lunar New year) or it’s thanksgiving (harvest Day).

Despite the recent changes, the traditional Confucian structure of social relations still largely determines the behavior of Koreans. Age and social position are of great importance. It is believed that the younger one standing or lower social position are obliged to follow the wishes of senior without objection. Therefore, in Korea, people often ask the age, marital status of a person in order to determine their position in relation to that person. These questions are asked not out of idle curiosity. However, you may not answer them if you don’t want.

The most common Korean surnames are: Kim (21 % of all Koreans), Lee (14%), Park (8%), Choi (or choe), Jeong, Jang, Han, lim, etc. a Korean name consists Continue reading

Abstract of Japan: ancient traditions and contemporary lifestyle

Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle

Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle

Report on modern history

Bodnia Oleg.

Class 11 and the 540-th school.

Everyone understands that capitalist countries conquered colony ,

enslaved countries not. to give something to their peoples and for

to take from them as possible. These are the objectives pursued and then,

when the ships commander Perd in 1854 forced Japan to open its

ports for trade with foreigners.

The Americans, British, Germans, French, Vietnamese and blacks

(mainly the southern coast of Nigeria) wanted to flood the Japanese

the island with all sorts of goods, increase the profits, to enslave, to force

to work on yet another nation. However, in the face of those who ruled at the time

the Yamato race, the States of Europe and America met a skilled ninja

system of philosophy which was built on the art of struggle the weak with the strong

and to achieve victory in this fight. Capitalists met here

decent, similar to anthropoid. those who have long

dreamed of conquest. Sun Toyota is still famous Continue reading

The History of Taekwondo as a national martial arts

From the beginning to the mid-twentieth century Korea was a Japanese colony. And as with all colonies, the use of different national perspectives in the cultural sphere were considerably reduced – as its manifestations big and small. Including the intricacies of school education, songs, poetry, graphics, national teaching martial arts. 35 years of Korean martial arts remained in the underground. Was interrupted the process of transmission from teachers to students the basics of martial arts – spiritual mystical practice. And she is known, played a major role in the attainment of many martial arts schools and traditional styles. Therefore, after Korea’s liberation from the colonial regime once again reviving the Korean martial arts schools have lost this important feature of comprehension martial art, and you have only the technique of doing melee.

Later, as we know, Korea was divided into two separate States. The Republic of Korea is located in the South and the DPRK in the North. But in both States in power were dictators. Dictatorial regime and have never suffered spiritual independence and integrity. In the end, the authorities wanted to completely eradicate every spiritual mystical Foundation in the traditions of martial arts. To make them sport form of martial arts and to start Continue reading