The Flag of the Republic of Korea flag of the Republic of Korea
The history of South Korea describes the development of the southern part of the Korean Peninsula since 1945 until today. The history of South Korea begins with the Soviet-American agreements…

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Viticulture Japan part 1
1. Introduction Several genera of the species of Vitis, such as Vitis coignetiae Pulliat. V. flexuosa Thumb. and V. amurensis Rupr. native to Japan. However, they were not introduced to…

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Sexual traditions of the peoples of the world – Funny pictures, photos of girls free video, photo fun, humor

Sexual and gender vzaimootnoshenia and customs of different peoples is very different.Even in Europe,in the era of freedom and globalism,sexual differences are very great: first lose their virginity in Iceland – a 15 and a half years. Later do the Germans – before the sixteenth birthday and the Swedes with the Danes – 16 with a small. The “morally upright” Europeans were the Italians. In that country where anciently the girls kept a host of aunts, parted with innocence usually by the age of 18.

Though many believe the US liberated,Horny and depraved country America has not occupied the top spot. Such experience the youth gets there in almost 17 years. The latest offensive of the sexual life in India – on the eve of the twentieth anniversary. At about the same age, decided to engage in intimate relationships in South-East Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan.

Australian natives – war, instead of our customary handshake, friendliness demonstrate a slightly different gesture, namely — touching the dick of his companion.

Northern Kamchatka

Still deaf in the villages of Northern Kamchatka persisted centuries-old tradition of the guest copulation with the wife of the owner of the house. Moreover, the consent of the guest for the woman Continue reading


The alpha and omega of Japanese cuisine – dishes according to the season. Sometimes it is not less important than their cooking. The concept of seasonality in the Japanese culinary tradition is first and foremost the use of the products at the time of the year when they are particularly tasty. For example, tender, crispy, with a pleasant aroma bamboo shoots (which generally play an important role in the national culinary tradition) – luck dishes of the spring season. Lotus root is revered seasonal food in spring and autumn. From time immemorial happened that fried eel best restores strength during the heat. There was even a special day when they ate the fish. According to the lunar calendar he was about the middle of July. Seasonality is also reflected in the compulsory decoration of the dishes the characters at different times of the year. For example, in a stuffy hot summer, let the white cold noodles boiled in a frame of fresh leaves of red Perilla beckons with coolness and stimulates the appetite. Autumn dishes are decorated with red maple leaves, pine needles, chrysanthemum flowers, and carrot or radish are cut in the same shape of maple leaves. By the way, some Japanese chefs specialize in “production” of colors of vegetables. From slices of radish, carrot, pumpkin, they Continue reading

Japanese cuisine

fish caviar, I highly recommend to do it! The dish turns out very beautiful and delicious, perfect for dinner or even for a holiday feast. Tasty and satisfying. further

Chicken with vegetables in Japanese

If you love Japanese food then this is a terrific dish you’ll love. I spiced the chicken with vegetables noodles: very tasty and unusual. further

Rolls with red caviar

This is delicious rolls with red caviar, crab sticks and cheese “Philadelphia”. If you change your mind to go to a sushi bar, try making the rolls yourself, nothing complex. Very tasty. further

Sushi with squid

Lovers of Japanese cuisine on the note offered a simple sushi with squid and cucumber. The taste is quite delicate and is perfect for a change table. further

Hot rolls at home

Today we will prepare a “winter” that is “hot” roll with smoked salmon. By the end of the roll will be a simple sauce made of mayonnaise, soy sauce and pieces of salmon. further


Japanese – top 10 recipes

About Japanese cuisine

Traditional Japanese cuisine, which is also called “washoku”, almost fully formed until 1868 – the beginning of the era of Westernization. Despite the fact that Japanese food is very original, Continue reading

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Strange features of Japanese culture
For the Europeans the culture of Japan it seems strange and sometimes totally incomprehensible. Despite the rapid development of technologies, culture of the Japanese is one of the most closed,…


Abstract of Japan: ancient traditions and contemporary lifestyle
Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle Japan. ancient traditions and modern lifestyle Report on modern history Bodnia Oleg. Class 11 and the 540-th school. Everyone understands that capitalist countries conquered…

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